Registered Dietitian Dascha on Jimmy Joy, Nutrition & Nutritional Myths

Dascha Willemsen is a quality registered dietician and certified Cognitive Behavior Therapist for Dietetics. She has over 8 years of experience as a dietitian and runs her own practice called Dietistenpraktijk DDiëtist. Dascha specializes in various directions, including organic food, eating disorders and hormone disorders. That’s why we sat together to find out more about her view on nutrition.

Why do you do what you do?

I am a dietitian because I really enjoy knowing what nutrition does to your physical and mental functions. Food is like fuel for a car; if you put in the wrong fuel, it does not run well or does not work at all. That's also what it’s like with your body, mind and what you decide to put in it. I find it therefore very interesting to learn more about nutrition and behavior so I can transfer my knowledge onto my clients.

Makes sense. Do you also have an overall vision on nutrition?
I'm mainly dedicated to diets with pure foods, stabilizing hormones in the body and - very important - learning to listen to body signals. I do not believe in crash diets, but rather in gradually adjusting your eating habits and forming them in a constructive manner. Furthermore, I am in favor of a full-fledged diet that also leaves some room for enjoyment. This is very important. With a full-fledged diet I mean meals in which all required micro- and macronutrients are represented in the correct proportions, so that you really feed your body instead of just filling it. 

Do you think Jimmy Joy could help with that?

In my practice, I advise Jimmy Joy to clients who have little time for their breakfast or lunch. For example, people who travel a lot often experience this problem. I also help some clients with swallowing complaints, to which I also advise using Jimmy Joy. The Plenny Shakes and Plenny Drink in particular, since they are liquid. Furthermore, it is also a solution for clients who have difficulty getting their calories by only consuming solid food.

Neat. Are there certain nutritional myths or assumptions that you think are incorrect?

Superfoods are not goji berries, mulberries, chia seeds, and so on. In producing these foods, many pesticides are used because they have to be imported from China, for example. My tip: find your superfoods closer to home! Think of kale, cauliflower and broccoli. These are also great examples of superfoods.

Aha. Random question, but what is your earliest childhood memory?

This is a difficult one, let me think...The first memory that comes to mind now is the time I didn’t finish my plate. As a ’punishment’ my parents didn’t allow me to have dessert. I then secretly sneaked to my grandparent’s house because they lived next-door, and they fed me cookies. Just then my father stormed in unexpectedly and became a little angry with me, as obviously this wasn’t supposed to happen ;). I believe I was 5 years old when this happened. 

Hahaha. Funny coincidence this was also food-related. Finally, which Jimmy Joy product do you like best?

I really enjoy the Twenny Bars because I use them the most. They fill well and are very convenient for them I don’t have time for lunch. Or sometimes I take half a Twenny Bar as a snack. I really hope for a collection expansion. Hint, hint.

Consider yourself lucky, because we’re working on it. Can’t release much about it at this point but do stalk our socials to stay tuned.

Will do! 

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