How does Jimmy Joy perform their quality assurance?


 What’s Quality Assurance?

The Quality Assurance department at Jimmy Joy assures the food safety and quality of all our products. In order to maintain the food safety, the department is monitoring, checking and analyzing every step of the production process. We’d like to take you through the several stages of the Quality Assurance to give you a better idea of how this goes to work. 

The first check

Our quality control starts before the ingredients arrive at Jimmy Joy; at the level of our ingredient suppliers. We required form our suppliers similar quality systems installed, like BRC, IFS or FSSC22000. In addition, the products need to be clean of microbiological, chemical, physical or pests contemned. We make sure that our products are clean via Certificate of Analyses forms and test the ingredients via third party labs. The review of suppliers also include personal visits to their site.

In the warehouse

The next step in the process is the quality insurance of our own warehouse. Our warehouse runs by the standards of the BRC and HACCP quality systems. These systems apply to all aspects of food safety and quality, for example the safeguard of the storage of our raw material and finished products, by maintaining good conditions in the factory like keeping a constant cool and dry atmosphere.  

The production facility 

Next critical step is at the level of our production facility. Here we produce our products by weighing and mixing the ingredients, and after that the filling and sealing of the pouches. These steps are done in a room which is especially build for food preparation and is cleaned every day in order to freshly start the production the next day.  We have several checks to optimized the mixing to always have the right homogenic mixture. Weighing of every ingredient is done twice by different persons to have a double check. By using a scanner when gathering the resources from the warehouse there is another check via software to reduce human error. Finally, every bag is checked by hand to check if the sealing is correct.

And lastly...

To guarantee that everything is done in a hygienic way, we take microbiological test from our products to see if there are no contaminants. We trained our staff to ensure a high level in the different stages of the production process. All our processes, orders, analyses, inspections and cleaning are documented and checked in order to monitor the food safety. We take your health and safety very seriously, and are always trying to improve and optimise this process.