Health & Nutrition

Our nutritionally complete meals are based on the extensive research and the expertise of our food technicians and certified dietitians. Since our launch in 2014, we are constantly innovating to make the healthiest food possible.

Besides our own research, we formulate our recipes based on a large meta-analysis by established health and nutrition institutions such as the World Health Organization and the European Food Safety Authority. 

We use sustainable ingredients which are naturally filled with the good stuff and fortify these where it adds a health benefit.

Product formulas explained 

Plenny Shake v2.1

Plenny Drink v2.0

Plenny Bar v2.0


Meal Shakes and Weight Management

Complete Guide To Fat Loss

Complete Guide to Weight Gain

Complete Guide to Weight Maintenance


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Use cases

Our customers use Plenny to save time and gain energy to do what they love. They use it for an effective breakfast or a fast lunch for example. There are however the exceptions that make for great stories. Below are the adventurers going to extremes to put our products to the test.

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Plenny Shake Recipes

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Quality Assurance

How does Jimmy Joy perform their quality assurance?