How sustainable is Jimmy Joy?

Food waste 

We Homo Sapiens love food but somehow end up throwing away 88 million tons in Europe alone every year. To combat this Jimmy Joy Plenny has a shelf life of 12 months, so you don’t have to worry about expiration dates anymore. Just relax and enjoy while reducing food waste. On top of that our meals provide precisely what you need for optimal nutrition and nothing else. Being efficient in your food intake is not only good for you but also reduces abuse of our planet. 

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Reduce, reuse, recycle: breaking down our packaging


We compensate for our CO2 emissions. By working with Treesforall we plant trees in The Netherlands but also in South America to be CO2 neutral. In 2017/18, we compensated 658 ton of CO2 by planting trees in Bolivia. This is what you would produce if you would fly 220 times from Amsterdam to New York! We believe in going the extra mile for a sustainable future.


A vegan meal reduces one third of man-made CO2 emissions and uses up significantly less land and crops. Our Jimmy Joy products are therefore either plant-based or vegetarian. We will shortly be 100% vegan and already finished R&D on three vegan bars to replace our two vegetarian ones. 


Not only are you eating exactly as much as you need, the amount of packaging needed per calorie is also greatly improved. Also, our packaging is recyclable. If the plant had lips and arms, it would probably kiss you in gratitude. We are currently researching the use of recycled plastic. 


If you wanna know more or have ideas on how we can improve please leave a comment on our forum.