Update on our salt labelling

Hello to all.

We detected a flaw in the notification of the salt levels of our Plenny Shake v2.1 which we would like to inform you about.
The current product label has 1.09g per 100g and 1.05g per portion (21% RDI).
The actual content is 0.3g per 100g and 0.3g per portion (6% RDI).

As a small reminder, our daily intake of salt should be below 5g a day which leaves us on the safe side. [1] For example, if you where to eat 5 Plenny Shake meals a day, you will be getting 1.5g of salt per day.


We are very sorry about this inconvenience, the active labelling has already been adjusted and we are in contact with the supplier and the authorities to resolve this matter.



1) EU Science Hub- European Commission. “Dietary Salt/ Sodium.” The European Commission's Science and Knowledge Service, 26 June 2019. Retrieved from https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/health-knowledge-gateway/promotion-prevention/nutrition/salt#_JRCexp2018

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