The fanciest numbers of 2019

Numbers: homo sapiens are crazy about them since the ancient Egyptians invented them back in 3100 BC. We’ve seen a lot of numbers but still can’t get enough of them. And as always we’re here to please you. So buckle up because we are blasting through the year 2019 like a number 2 in the morning after Mexican dinner. 

3 is the magic number but also the number of plant-based products we’ve got for you. The Plenny Shake, Plenny Drink and Plenny Bar. 3 is like.. a crowd I heard. 

1522 is the number of trees we've planted during Green Friday. Can't believe we actually have a Green Friday forest now. 

28.630.750,39 gram is the amount of carbon dioxide our forest can absorb, PER YEAR.

10.155 km was the longest journey one of our packages traveled. Guess he’s chilling with some groovy Alpacas in Peru now. 

329 is the number of tons of CO2 that we’ve compensated for our deliveries. For those interested, this is the same amount as traveling 131 times around the earth by train. 

88 is the number of countries we’ve been sold. 88, such a beautiful number, looks like infinity, TWICE. 

 problems were solved by customer care this year. 42.288 problems, what a team. If you’re as amazed as we are and want to know everything about the brains behind this team check this blog here.


25 million is the number of meals we’ve sold. 25 million! That’s like feeding North-Korea. 식사를 즐기십시오

5 is the number of flavors we introduced this year for the Plenny Shake Active: Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Chai latte and Neutral flavor. High five!

100 is the percent of nutrients we’ll arrange for you ♫ Anyplace, anywhere, anytime ♫


  • Posted by Yumin Ko on

    The korean sentence at the end of the number 25 made me laugh :D (i’m korean)
    Nice touch!
    Really enjoying your products btw.

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