Price change coming up on 17/02/2022

We hate to be bearers of bad news, but unfortunately today we had to put our bear suit on and tell you what’s up.

    Ever since we set out to create the healthiest, tastiest, easiest, and most affordable meals in the world in 2014, our goal has been to give you the highest quality for the best price possible. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, the prices for everything we need to create your favourite meals have gone up significantly.

    We’ve held it off for as long as possible, but starting February 17th, 2022 our prices will slightly change. To keep delivering the high-quality nutritious meals you know and love, this is a step we must take.

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    Why the prices are changing

    There’s no way to sugarcoat it: due to the rising costs of running our business – mainly caused by a global price increase of products due to the pandemic – we're left with no other option but to increase the prices of our meals. 

    We’ve held it off for as long as possible, hoping global trade would stabilize over time, but it actually seems to be going in the opposite direction.

    Because we highly value transparency at Jimmy Joy, we would like to share some numbers* to give you an idea of the impact these rising prices have on our business.

    Oats +10,00%

    Flaxseed +18,29%

    Soy protein +14,46%

    Sunflower oil +23,98%

    Shipping +6,90%

    Cartons for packaging and shipping +37,68%

    Containers for shipping +119%  

    *All prices compared 01/21 to 01/22. Please note these are just a few examples.


    New pricing overview per meal and per bag/box/pot in EURO (€)

    New price (€)

    15% subscription (€)

    Plenny Shake

    1,59 per meal

    - 15,90 per 10 meals

    1,35 per meal

    - 13,52 per 10 meals

    Plenny Shake Active

    1,79 per meal

    - 44,75 per 25 meals

    1,52 per meal

    - 38,04 per 25 meals

    Plenny Bar

    2,89 per meal

    - 34,68 per 12 meals

    2,46 per meal

    - 29,48 per 12 meals

    Plenny Drink

    2,89 per meal

    - 23,12 per 8 meals

    2,46 per meal

    - 19,65 per 8 meals

    Plenny Pot

    3,99 per meal

    - 23,94 per 6 meals

    3,39 per meal

    - 20,35 per 6 meals


    New pricing overview per meal and per bag/box/pot in POUNDS (£)

    *based on £ exchange rate on 31/01/2022:


    New price (£)

    15% subscription (£)

    Plenny Shake

    £1,32 per meal

    - £13,22 per 10 meals

    £1,12 per meal

    - £11.24 per 10 meals

    Plenny Shake Active

    £1,49  per meal

    - £37,20 per 25 meals

    £1,26 per meal

    - £31,63 per 25 meals

    Plenny Bar

    £2,40 per meal

    - £28,83 per 12 meals

    £2,05 per meal

    - £24,51 per 12 meals

    Plenny Drink

    £2,40 per meal

    - £19,22 per 8 meals

    £2,05 per meal

    - £16,34 per 8 meals

    Plenny Pot

    £3,32 per meal

    - £19,90 per 6 meals

    £2,82 per meal

    - £16,92 per 6 meals


    Pricing will go into effect on the 17th of February 2022. 

    Now we fully understand that for many this is unwelcome news, and we’re genuinely sorry. We take pride in still being a bootstrapped company that delivers great value, and in order for us to keep delivering our high-quality nutritious meals, this is a step we’re forced to take. 

    Of course, we will still have full focus on the future and the promises we’ve made to you:

    👩‍🔬 Our food technologists & nutritionists are working on new & even more tasty formulas

    📦 We’re working on more sustainable packaging alternatives

    🧪 Completely new meals for even more healthy choices

    🌱 More transparent supply chain & responsible sourcing 


    What happens if you have a subscription

    If you have a Jimmy Joy subscription scheduled for shipment between now and 17th of February, you’ll get the current prices.

    If you have a Jimmy Joy subscription scheduled for shipment on or after the 17th of February, you’ll get the new prices. 

    The price change happens automatically, so you won’t have to do or change a thing.

    If you decide not to continue your subscription with us because of these new prices we completely understand. It ain't easy but it's only love - our hearts will heal over time. So if you decide it’s best to leave us, just follow these steps and maybe we’ll see each other again someday! 

    1. Go to your account page and login
    2. Click Manage Subscriptions
    3. Click “Manage Subscription” on the subscription you want to cancel
    4. Click “Cancel subscription” (Red text under CARD ON FILE)
    5. Select a cancellation reason
    6. Click “Cancel subscription”

    Repeat step 2 > 5 for each individual subscription. if you need any assistance please feel free to reach out to us at

    We sincerely thank you for being with us and hope to grow together until the sun burns up. 💛

    With love and joy,

    Joey & team Jimmy Joy