Black Friday? What about Green Friday!

Green Friday! Planting trees, new flavors, and more!
Black Friday originated as the American start of the holiday shopping season after Thanksgiving. The past decade, it has grown out to a worldwide commercial phenomenon. While we all love saving money on a good deal, what does all this excess buying and package delivery mean for the environment? 

Throughout 2019, we’ve been taking big steps towards making our company more sustainable. We introduced the Plenny Shake Active with bigger packaging in Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Chai latte and Neutral flavor, compensated 329 tons of CO2 from our deliveries, and launched a 100% vegan Plenny Bar

Unfortunately, not every business treats its customers, its employees, and ultimately the planet with respect on Black Friday. That’s why we’ve decided to do things a bit differently this year.

We will plant one tree for every order made during BFCM
So forget about Black Friday. Why not have a Green Friday instead? In the sustainable spirit of Jimmy Joy, we will plant one tree for every order made during the Black Friday Cyber Monday period. Our goal is to plant an entire forest with your help.🌳🌲  

Ok that’s cool, but what about a discount?

Just shop and a 15% discount on single purchases will be added automatically. You could argue that it’s better not to lean into Black Friday at all. But we actually want to show that it IS possible for brands to offer a great deal on quality products, use sustainable plant-based ingredients, maintain an ethical supply chain and still do well as a business. 

Additional discount for our besties
We also believe in rewarding those who do good. That’s why we give Time Travellers early access to this year’s Black Friday Cyber Monday’s sales. Time Travellers will receive an additional 5% discount on subscription orders. This means a total of 20% discount! The discount is valid till 2/12/19 of December. Time travelers and will receive their personal coupon by email.

All orders made by Time Travelers from 25/11/19 until 2/12/19 will also contribute to 1 tree per order.

And it’s cool if you decide not to shop at Jimmy Joy. We promise we will still invite you to our parties <3. We hope to inspire you to keep ethicality in mind when shopping online. 


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