Jimmy Joy and Feed Comparison

Jimmy Joy and Feed comparison


Each person has different needs or goals when it comes to their nutrition. Some value taste or texture, some appreciate a reasonable price and others have very specific body targets, such as gaining muscle mass or losing weight. It is therefore hard to say what meal replacement product best suits your wishes.

Naturally, we believe that Jimmy Joy has managed to find a great balance between the different objectives. Still, in the end, it is you who decides what you find most important.

In order to make this decision-making process or search for an alternative easier for you, we have put together this side-by-side comparison with another complete food company; Feed.

We are enthusiastic about all complete food movements, as we share a similar motivation: offering a healthy, convenient meal for moments when time is short or it is tempting to snack.


Plenny Shake

Still, there are various points on which we think Jimmy Joy offers a similar, if not better experience than Feed, all at a lower cost whilst providing the same nutritional benefits and high-quality ingredients.

The average person uses our product in a varied diet but to make the comparison easier to digest, we based it on a 2000kcal per day measure.

Plenny Shake Active (v2.1)

Feed (original)

 Starting at 5,95 per 2000 kcal

Starting at per €12 per 2000 kcal

39g of fiber

31g of fiber

75g of fat

78g of fat

16-19g of sugar*

92g of sugars

Smooth texture 

Gritty & thick texture

Mixes quickly with water

Mixes quite well with water

 135g of protein

145g of protein

9 grams more unsaturated fats 

(the good kind)

7,2 grams unsaturated fats

Minimum order amount €30

15% subscription discount

Minimum order amount €55,50

Starting at 10% bulk order discount

6 different flavors with real fruit

12 different flavors from real fruit and vegetables

100% plant-based

100% plant-based

*Naturally occurring sugar from freeze-dried fruit.


Remarks on comparison shakes/powder

  • From an ingredients point of view, Feed adds some thickeners: Acacia Gum, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum and two types of sweetener. Jimmy Joy adds no thickeners and only one sweetener: sucralose.
  • Jimmy Joy doesn’t add MCT oils since there isn’t sufficient research on the benefits of MCT's. Instead, we add soy flour which contains high amounts of unsaturated fats (which is mainly omega-6). Research has shown that replacement of some saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats, mainly  omega-6 linoleic acid, can result in a decrease of cholesterol levels. (1)
  • Jimmy Joy adds inulin, which is a great prebiotic. See the following blog for more info about prebiotics!
  • When we look at the vitamins and minerals there are no really big differences. Jimmy Joy adds more B12 since the body absorbs this in lesser amounts (see the following blog about our vitamin B12 amounts.) They also add more vitamin D and C. Both Jimmy Joy and Feed add all the vitamins and minerals because this is the most accurate way to ensure one is actually consuming all the mentioned nutrients.
  • Looking at the macros, both are quite similar. Feed has much more sugar. Jimmy Joy uses naturally occurring sugar from freeze-dried fruits.
  • Both Jimmy Joy and Feed use oats as the main ingredient, which is a good source of complex carbohydrates. Oats also provide some fats, protein, and micronutrients. As the second-largest ingredient, Jimmy Joy has full fat soy. Soy was chosen due to its bioavailability, meaning that it is easily absorbed by the digestive system. Using a protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS), which gauges how well certain proteins can be digested, soy protein was found to be the best with a score of 1.0. Additionally, soy protein isolate has a smooth, consistent texture which creates the optimal flavor profile. During our testing, we found that alternative proteins lacked both of these benefits.

Plenny Drink Ready-to-drink

Both Feed and Jimmy Joy have Ready-to-drinks in their range. We’ve compared the respective nutritional information below, per 2,000kcal.

Plenny Drink RTD Vanilla

Feed RTD Vanilla

€10,65 per 2000kcal 

€15 per 2000kcal

29,5g of fiber

30g of fiber

72g of fat

71g of fat

5g saturated fat

6g saturated fat

34,5g of sugar*

16g of sugar

60g of protein

71g protein

One main source of protein (Soy)

One main source of protein (Soy)

100% vegan

100% vegan

*Naturally occurring

Remarks on comparison Ready-to-drink

  • Pricewise, Feed’s RTD is about 10% more expensive than the Jimmy Joy RTD.
  • From ingredients point of view, both are similar in rapeseed oil and micronutrients.
  • Jimmy Joy has lower amounts of protein but still within the daily recommended amounts, see the following article on RDA.


  • Overall both products are quite similar in nutrients.
  • Feed RTD has higher amounts of protein, but Jimmy joy has chosen to make a separate product range (Plenny Shake Active) for those who require or want those high amounts of protein because of an active lifestyle.
  • Jimmy Joy is about 10 percent cheaper then Feed RTD whilst providing the same nutritional value.
  • Jimmy Joy ships less water in the ready-to-drink because the nutrients are more condensed.