Op zoek naar een ideaal cadeau? Zoek niet verder en geef gezonde en goede voornemens!  

Met de Jimmy Joy Gift Card kunnen jij en je naasten moeiteloos de meest ambitieuze goede voornemens volhouden.

Frequently asked questions

The Gift Card will be delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout.

Jimmy Joy Gift Cards work with a balance. Anything you don’t spend, will remain on the Gift Card. If your Gift Card is less than your checkout value, you will be prompted to use a second payment provider.

Nope! All Gift Cards are valid until the end of time, you might even be able to use them multi-planetary one day.

Short answer: yes. But please reach out to love@jimmyjoy.com so that we can create a custom code for your, since the regular Gift Cards are currently only supported by our single purchase checkout.