This athlete used Jimmy Joy to recover after an injury

Experiencing pain-free adventures again - how Jimmy Joy's complete nutrition helped me enjoy adventures pain-free again after my 2nd herniated disc.

Hi there, nice to see that you found the time to learn more about the topic of nutrition. In the next 3-5 minutes of reading, I'll share how Jimmy Joy's meals helped me enjoy my adventures again after 2 herniated discs.

Small spoiler: with 100% of all recommended nutrients and the additional mobility exercises, this is very easy and cheap. I have been representing the values ​​and concept behind Jimmy Joy for one year now and am a proud ambassador for these values (and many other reasons).

About me

I'm Felix, a multisport enthusiast - whether cycling, running, climbing or on the SUP - the main thing for me is being outside, in nature. I love challenges and always have the next adventure in mind. Next up is a triathlon: the 70.3 in Zell am See.

I have been doing performance-oriented sports since I was a child. For me, it's not just "higher, further, faster" but also the interaction with like-minded people, the exchange, the fun of exercising and getting to know new regions again and again. Sport and, above all, nature connects!

So you can imagine how bad it is for me when I can't be physically active; when sweat isn't dripping from my forehead, and I have a limited range of motion. On those days I'm low on endorphins because my brain lacks the sport-induced kick. You need a strong partner by your side during this time, so thanks to my girlfriend, who supported me during my second herniated disc and always encouraged me.

So how did disc herniation N° 2 come about?

It was a cool, grey morning in February 2021. During the last Corona weeks and months, my morning routine consisted of 10-15 minutes of stretching where needed, followed by a short HIIT session - all this before work. At the time, I was very busy at work and consequently sat at a desk for long hours and didn't take the time to prepare food and cook. My diet also suffered due to my stress. This combination of poor nutrition and a lot of sitting caused my second herniated disc. That should have been the absolute last warning shot for me. Something had to change urgently!

Jimmy Joy – it’s a match

After the frustration with myself, because I hadn't learned anything from the past, I pulled myself together and looked at what I could change in the future so that a third herniated disc would not happen. It quickly became clear that the whole thing had to be approached from a holistic perspective. What did that mean for me?

A good physio, of course. However, I also had to change something in my behaviour, which included an adapted and balanced diet. Because back pain usually does not come directly from the back itself but has its origin somewhere else. For me, it's mainly the psoas that causes tension and adhesions in the abdomen. So I started looking for a solution.

No more excuses

I always give 100%, both professionally and privately. I have a busy schedule, and I don't want to pass on any opportunities. Unfortunately, there is often no time to cook. This is a big problem, especially when travelling. It's either too expensive or just unhealthy fast food. As an athlete, I have to and want to eat a balanced diet.

Fortunately, then I learned about Jimmy Joy through my former roommate. He had a bunch of this fun and beautifully designed packaging lying around at his place. The design immediately caught my interest, and we started talking. I thought the idea was brilliant back then, and on top of that, the taste and consistency convinced me. Is this the final solution to my little problems? Yes indeed!

Of course, as an athlete, you should aim to cook a lot fresh, but we all know it: before work, a quick run, which then gets longer, a quick shower and then it's already time for the first meeting.

Before, I just didn't eat or ate junk food. My recovery suffered as a result. Now, I prefer to prepare a Jimmy Joy Plenny Shake Active in under one minute. This is my favourite shake as it contains extra protein to help me achieve my fitness goals. Another benefit of this flavour: it contains caffeine and L-theanine. I love everything about it - the consistency, the taste and the effect it has on me.

To be honest, I don't really have one favourite Jimmy Joy meal. I can find exactly the right meal type for every situation. Here is an insight into my use cases as an athlete:

Plenny Pot

This is a nutritionally complete, hot instant meal with deliciously savoury flavours: when I'm just in the mood for something warm and hearty, the Plenny Pots are my number one choice. Also ideal for long train journeys if, like me, you need something warm to eat once a day. Little life hack: Hot water is always free on long-distance trains.


Plenny Bar 

A delicious, plant-based and filling bar with 20g of protein. I ALWAYS have these bars in my pocket on longer bike rides. Before I get anything from the bakery or the gas station, I simply pull a Plenny Bar, preferably almonds and figs, out of my pocket, and I am well supplied for the second half of the tour and save time and money. Win-win.

Plenny Drink 

Ready-to-drink meal, 20g protein per drink, high in fibre. For me the perfect complement to the shakes. The Plenny Drinks are my first choice if it has to be quick. I always have 1x chocolate and 1x vanilla in the fridge because the drinks taste even better chilled. Yummy even when I think about it! 

Small changes make a big impact

I've been using Jimmy Joy's meals in my everyday life for a year now, and its made me much more relaxed. Because if I don't have time to cook, I can just sit back and feel good about my food choices with my favourite Jimmy Joy meals.

For the last 8 weeks, I have increased my training, which means that my calorie requirement increased, too. Sometimes it's challenging to get in that large amount of food in the form of regular meals, so I supplement the rest with nutrient-rich shakes.

My back and gastrointestinal tract are doing better than ever. Both of my "weak points" can withstand the increased load. I agree more than ever with the adage “you are what you eat”!

Thank you, Jimmy Joy, for making my life as an athlete easier. It is not always easy to have high standards both in private and professional life.


Author: Felix Rähmer