Oats: the OG of Superfoods

Ever seen a movie where Ryan Gosling takes a woman into his arms, passionately presses her against his muscular body, moistens his lips, and softly whispers in her ear: “oats…”


That’s what I thought. Oats just aren’t that sexy. But here at Jimmy Joy we love oats, and we love stuffing it in all of our products. So even though this cereal will probably be friend zoned forever, it should actually be treated like Beyonce. Here’s why:

Oats <3

Allow us to start with a mic drop: oats are healthier than ALL other cereals. *boom*. It actually already was a “superfood” before blonde fit girls in yoga pants started throwing that word around. As far as nutritional values are concerned, oats are pretty similar to quinoa, they just happen to be much cheaper (probably because quinoa has that fancy ‘Q’ in it).


So what makes oats so nutritious? Well, about ten to twenty percent of oats are actually proteins; proteins that contain more essential amino acids than any other types of cereal proteins. Essential amino acids are, you guessed it, essential for all human beings, and they can easily kick any regular amino acid’s butt should it come to a street fight. Which it does.  ‘Four o'clock, by the dumpster,’ they say. ‘Cash me ousside, aspartic acid!’


Health Health Health

Another healthy benefit of oats is that they contain more oils than any other kind of cereal, with about 45% of the fatty acids being polyunsaturated - and that’s the best kind. Oats also contain beta glucans, which are basically ninja fibers ninja-kicking your cholesterol, and thus lowering your risk of cardiovascular diseases. You don’t even have to ask them, they are happy to do it. How ‘bout that!

Oats Get Shit Done

Oats are easy to digest, which is nice for your gastrointestinal tract. Your body will have more time and energy to do fun stuff, like googling photos of Ryan Gosling in yoga pants, or attending street fights between various types of amino acids. The world is your oyster.

The Struggle Is Nil

Since oats are well equipped against numerous plant diseases, humid climate, and acidic soil, it needs little to no chemicals or manure to cultivate, which is nice for the environment. And although oats started from the bottom, coming up between yuppie cereals like wheat, they fought their way out of the ghetto, and managed to become the OG superfood we know today.

At this moment about 75% of all oats are being used to feed livestock, although this is gradually becoming less and less. On the one hand this is good news, because why should we share our OG superfood with bottomless chewing-machines and their four stomachs? On the other hand this means that, instead of oats, more and more soy goes towards feeding livestock instead. Which is not without its consequences

That’s about it for the superpowers of oats. Pretty amazing right? In fact, we wouldn’t hold it against you if reading this narrative on oats perhaps got you a bit hot and bothered. That’s cool. To each own.

Oh and FYI: the oats we use for our Plenny Shakes are grown in Finland. This doesn’t really affect the product in any way, but if you start making reindeer noises in your sleep maybe just give us a call. You know, just in case.

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