The groundbreaking history of our amazing scoop: the best scoop the world has ever seen

 When we first started this company, it wasn’t about creating nutritionally complete meals or making healthy food affordable. All of that meal replacement stuff, that’s just our side hustle.

It was - and has always been - all about the scoop. There, we said it. The scoop is what makes us tick. We love scooping. We're scoopers. Scoopaholics. Scoopophiles.

All of our lives, we’ve been obsessed with this little kitchen utensil. Our kid’s bedrooms used to be plastered with scoop posters like this classic;


And when we were all grown up, we knew that we wanted to dedicate our lives to scooping. We wanted to create a scoop so amazing, so groundbreaking, that it would shake the entire scooping world to its core. It had to be the best scoop the planet had ever seen. We wanted the global scoop community to look at our scoop, put their hands in front of their mouths and whisper: “Damn. They did it. They actually reinvented the scoop.”

That was the goal we set for ourselves. And boy did we succeed. We worked tirelessly on our scoop design; we must have been at it for more than 20 minutes. When our scoop was finished, we fell back into our chairs, exhausted and sweaty, but with a glint in our eyes. We did it. The perfect scoop. The world of scooping as we knew it would never be the same again. Because you know what we did?

We decided on a round, turquoise, plastic scoop. No one had ever thought of that before. A round scoop? Sure. Turquoise? Probably. Plastic? Absolutely. But all three at the same time? Never. No scoop designer has ever dared to step into that risky territory. Except for us. And it payed off.

We invented a whole new scooping experience. And it didn't go unnoticed. The response was overwhelming. The orders started pouring in. Scoop lovers from around the globe called us on the phone, crying, thanking us for our brilliant design.

We received praise from kings, queens, presidents and religious leaders, calling our scoop a heartbreakingly beautiful kitchen utensil, fit for the gods. We received the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing together scoop enthusiasts of warring countries. For years we toured the globe, sharing our unique story at conferences and in talk shows, and demonstrating how to use our scoop to millions of hysterically screaming people. Scoop fans camped out in front of the hotels we stayed at, hoping to catch a glimpse of us, and throwing scoops on our balcony. 

Meanwhile, our scoops sold like hot cakes. But we started thinking: wouldn’t it be nice to give our scoop customers something extra? Something they could actually scoop? So we created a nutritionally complete meal that’s not only a money saver, but also healthy, convenient and tasty. And that’s how our Plenny Shake was born.

It’s always been about the scoop and we’re glad you agree. To this day, our customers leave the most wonderful, passionate, emotional feedback on our little scoop. Thank you all so much for your support for our scoop throughout the years, and the emotional rollercoaster it has sent us on. Never stop scooping!

Selection of some of the most passionate scoop-groupies:

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    It is indeed a good scoop. The Mystery Inc. gang have gone their separate ways and have been apart for two years, until they each receive an invitation to Scoopy Island. Not knowing that the others have also been invited, they show up and discover an amusement park that affects young visitors in very strange ways. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scoopy soon realize that they cannot solve this mystery without help from each other.

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