Jimmy Joy’s Guide to Doing Meal Replacement Shakes Right

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As the makers of the yummiest and nutritionally bomb-ass meal shakes around, we get lots of questions about our meal shakes here at Jimmy Joy HQ.

So we thought it was about time we answered some of them. Because, you know, that’s what we live to do—make your life easier.

Why have a meal shake instead of a real meal?


These are the top reasons our happy customers (people like you) pick up a shaker and shake their way to a full stomach.

Time and convenience. By far, this is the biggest reason most people click “Order” and keep coming back for more. Meal shakes are just a really quick and easy way to eat a reasonably healthy meal, even if you’re short on time on effort.

On-the-go lifestyle. You have 99 problems and you don’t want food to be one. Like we said: scoop, shake, drink. Repeat as needed. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Low appetite. Difficulty meeting minimum daily calorie requirements.

Physical inability to chew or digest solid food. You broke your jaw, lost all your teeth, got your jaw wired shut? Liquid food, or at least soft food that doesn’t require chewing, ensures you don’t starve while your teeth or jaw are out of order. This is typically not a permanent situation, so our meal shakes are a great stopgap solution.

  • Weight loss. Our meal shakes contain protein and fiber, which help you stay fuller longer—and that helps you avoid snacking or bingeing on junk food. Plus, since one scoop of Plenny Shake (50 grams) is 200kcal, it’s super easy to track and control your calorie intake with every meal shake. 
  • Weight Gain People who have to gain weight but have a hard time doing it—those with a naturally low appetite or an eating disorder, for example—take to Plenny Shake really well. It’s a super quick way to ingest the number of calories you need, without having to cook a huge meal.

  • What exactly is a meal substitute or meal replacement shake? Or what is it NOT?

    • It is NOT just a protein shake—our meal shakes contain all the essential nutrients you need to keep your engine running throughout the day
    • It is NOT just an oatmeal shake—there’s more to our shakes then just oatmeal! Have you seen all our awesome flavors?
    • It is NOT a green smoothie—but you can always add fresh greens to our shakes to give them that green boost. 
    • It is NOT a replacement for an entire diet—a meal shake is designed to replace one or two meals per day. 

  • Do meal shakes help you lose weight?

    Plenny Shake ensures that you get your macronutrients—basically the major components of every diet, which you need to live—in the right proportions, which is essential to weight loss. That’s because we’ve designed our meal replacement shakes with carbs, fat, proteins, and fiber all in the right balance. The protein and fiber in our shakes keep you fuller for a longer time than carbs do, ensuring that you don’t snack or binge on foods that are bad for you and make you gain weight. And that’s just for starters.

    Do you have any advice for me before I start taking meal replacement shakes?

    • DO make sure your meal shake has all the calories and nutrients you need for the day.
    • DO Store a serving of Plenny Shake in a shaker and keep it in handy in your bag. When it’s time to eat, just add water, shake, and go. Complete nutrition in a full 400kcal meal, anytime, anywhere.
    • DO Use a meal shake to replace one meal, not all of your meals.
    • DO be clear about your reasons for considering a meal substitute.  
    • DON’T begin a full liquid diet without consulting your doctor
    • DON’T confuse meal replacement shakes with protein shakes—the nutrient content is totally different!
    • DO listen to your body and give it several days to adjust to anything new you introduce into your diet. And yes, that includes meal substitute shakes.

  • What meal replacement shakes do you recommend?

    Umm, let’s see. There’s

    • Plenny Shake - Banana, Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry, Vanilla, Pistachio, Passionfruit, Wildberries, Apple Cinnamon and Caramel Sea Salt.
    • Plenny Shake Active - Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla
    • Plenny Drink (ready-to-drink shake) - Vanilla and Chocolate
  • Hey, did you really think we were going to recommend anything else?




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  • For this article, we consulted licensed dietician Dascha Willemsen of the Dietistpraktijk DDietist in Amsterdam. Thanks Dascha!


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