Versions of Jimmy Joy Products

Plenny Shake

In 2014 Jimmy Joy started off with a nutritionally complete meal shake. Since then, many versions have been introduced with updates based on the latest science. You can find an overview of the last versions below.

To find the current version please visit the Plenny Shake product page.


Plenny Shake v3.0


Plenny Shake v2.1

In May 2019 we launched a new version of our regular Plenny Shake formula.

From the macronutrient profile point of view the big adjustments were:

  • An increase of protein per portion from 15 grams to 20 grams per portion. The increase in protein made for a decrease in the carbohydrate content, which lowered from 52 grams per portion to 44 grams per portion.
  • The fiber and fat content were slightly increased. Still, one portion of Plenny Shake provided 400 kcal and the new macronutrient energy balance was: 32% from fat, 44% from carbs, and 20% from protein.

The micronutrients also got an important update:

  • We changed our micronutrients profile from 27 vitamins and minerals to 26 vitamins and minerals because we took out the fluoride.
  • Vitamin K source was changed to vitamin K2 Mk7 since this source has a better uptake for the body.
  • The content of vitamin C has been increased to 200mg per day for the best health benefits.


Plenny Shake v2.0

We made a big update to our Plenny Shake in 2018 by changing the formula to be 100% plant-based and by phasing out the whey formula. Plenny Shake wasn’t always 100% plant-based and we realised that this was not sustainable. These were the big changes:

  • Plenny Shake became silky smooth
  • We improved the balance of the macronutrients
  • We levelled up the taste: a better and more distinct flavouring
  • We added a new ingredient: sunflower oil
  • We produced new, wider pouches with new designs

We started obtaining our protein from soy protein isolate and ultra-fine oats were introduced, hence the extra smooth texture. Besides that, our Omega 3 and 6 came from golden flaxseed and sunflower oil. We also extracted our vitamin D from lichen. Since it is often difficult to get enough amino acids from plant-based food we also kept a perfect amino acid profile.

This more sustainable formulation, in an improved packaging design, greatly reduced our CO2 footprint. Besides this, we also started compensating carbon emissions for all our transport.


Plenny Shake v1.0

Our Plenny Shake initially came in two variants, namely one with whey protein (a.k.a. Plenny Shake Original) and one with plant-based protein. The base mix of ingredients wasn’t too different from what it is now: it included protein, carbs, lipids, vitamins and minerals, and everything that your body needs to stay healthy.

The nutrients were sourced from oats, soy, flaxseed, and milk (Whey Plenny Shake, and a blend of rice, hemp, and soy protein for our Vegan Plenny shake. Real flash dried fruit powder made for that great natural taste, which is still the case to date. Finally, we added at least 100% of the European Union's 'Daily Recommended amount' of 27 vitamins and minerals to make it all complete.



Plenny Shake Active

At the beginning of 2019, we launched our active product line, which was originally known as the ‘Big Bag’. Plenny Shake Active 1.0 was a logical addition to the product range. Compared to Plenny Shake, it contained more protein and fats, fewer carbs and sugar, and came in a larger quantity per pouch. Over time, we made a few improvements to the formulation of the product.

To find the current version please visit the Plenny Shake Active product page.


Plenny Shake Active v3.0


Plenny Shake Active v1.0 

The original Big Bag delivered 27 grams of protein per 400kcal meal. We also lowered the carbohydrates and sugar contents compared to the regular Plenny Shake. There were 34 grams of carbs, of which only 3.2 grams or 4% of sugar per meal in the Big Bag. We also removed the maltodextrin. To minimize our trail of carbon and the plastic footprint we created bigger pouches to make sure we can ship more meals in every pouch. Our products already had a shelf-life of 12 months, which greatly reduces food waste, so this was the cherry on top.


Plenny Shake Sport (before rebranding to Active)

We initially made the Sport edition for our sports-loving customers, especially the ones that were often found in the gym. It was primarily to be taken before, during, or after exercise. Plenny Shake Sport supported your energy level, stimulated muscle growth, and helped with the recovery of your muscles after physical exercise. It came in an extra big bag (665 grams) filled with the right carbohydrates and protein contents (whey).

On top of all of that we added some supplements:

  • 5g of creatine monohydrate per bag. A common supplement in the industry due to its positive effects on muscle growth and performance during high-intensity events, like weight lifting.
  • 2g of beta-alanine per bag. This has been linked to increased strength and enhanced performance.
  • 1.5g of glucosamine sulfate per bag. It was added to take care of your joints, for example, your tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.



Plenny Bar

Jimmy Joy has a longstanding history of providing top quality meal bars. In July 2016, we were the first nutritionally complete food producer to release a complete meal bar. Twennybar was a response to the growing demand for a greater variety of nutritionally complete meal products. In September 2019 we launched a meal bar to make the final needed step towards our 100% plant-based product range.

To find the current version please visit the Plenny Bar product page.


Plenny Bar 1.0

This plant-based bar contained everything you can expect from a nutritionally complete meal bar. It was high in protein and high in fibre. We added complex carbohydrates from oats and chicory fibre. Besides that, we added healthy lipids from sunflower and golden flaxseed and we used the most bioavailable sources of vitamins and minerals. To make the Plenny Bar a worthy successor of the Twenny Bar, we used natural flavoring to arrive at a delicious overall taste.


Twenny Bar

The original Twenny Bar was about twice as heavy (102 gram) as most meal replacement bars on the market. It contained 387 kCal. This made Twenny Bar an actual meal bar, not a snack.

Twenny Bar contained a mix of ingredients including proteins, carbs, fats, and 27 vitamins and minerals. They were mainly sourced from a blend of oats, coconut oil for the fats, whey powder (protein), while real cocoa and vanilla powder made for a great taste. As for the micronutrients, we added a custom blend of 27 vitamins and minerals to make it all nutritionally complete.



Plenny Drink

In 2018 we launched our first version of the Plenny Drink, a ready-to-drink nutritionally complete meal. Following our vision, this product has been fully plant-based since the very beginning. Our ready-to-drink meals offer the most convenience and were designed primarily for on the go.

To find the current version please visit the Plenny Drink product page.


Plenny Drink 1.0

A compact ready-to-drink meal of 330ml. Just like our other products it contained plant-based proteins (12g), complex carbs (53g), good fats (14.4g), fibres (5.9g), and 27 vitamins and minerals. Compared to our meal shakes it tasted much smoother because we added protein from ultra-fine oats and soy protein isolate. We also added omega 3 (0.8g) and 6 (2.2g) from rapeseed oil instead of fish oil.