Start your day with a breakfast shake meal replacement

Hey, you. We’re here to talk to you about breakfast shakes and meal replacement. But first, there’s something we’re dying to ask you.

Do you start your day with a healthy breakfast?

Science says that breakfast provides fuel to start the day, replenishes energy stores that have been zapped overnight, and helps keep up energy levels throughout the day. By having breakfast, you’re less likely to feel tired or hungry, and much less likely to binge on crap just to survive the day.

A healthy breakfast can also mean a more nutritionally complete diet, better concentration and uh, performance, and more strength and endurance for physical activity. Come on. You know this, right?

But you’ve got no time for breakfast. You’ve got a job to do, sh*t to get done. We’ve heard it all before. Guess what? Breakfast doesn’t have to be an artfully constructed quinoa avocado poke bowl every single day. But neither should it be a sugar-loaded cereal that claims to be good for you.

The good news is: being crunched for time doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the benefits of a healthy breakfast.

How can you get all the benefits of a healthy breakfast without the hassle?

Simple. Have a breakfast shake meal replacement instead.

At Jimmy Joy, we’re all about meal replacement. This is for two simple reasons: time and convenience. You swap the time and effort of producing a full meal for an easier and faster alternative. At breakfast, time and convenience are crucial, but we believe this shouldn’t come at expense of proper nutrition.

So go for that full Instagrammable #flatlay breakfast on weekends, when you can afford to slow down. But for time-crunched days, when you need more than 24 hours to get sh*t done, we have a solution. We call it Plenny Shake.

What makes Plenny Shake the best breakfast shake meal replacement around?

Plenny Shake is a meal replacement shake that contains everything your body needs for the day. Proteins, carbs, fats, and 27 essential vitamins and minerals make it a nutritionally complete breakfast shake. It’s made from real food—oats, soy, flaxseed and milk, plus chocolate, vanilla, or real flash dried fruit powder for yummy flavor. There’s a non-dairy version too, for all you vegans out there.

Powder, water, shake, drink—can’t get any simpler than a power-packed breakfast shake in just seconds. So have your breakfast, and make it a Plenny Shake. 




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