Liquid Diets: Weight Loss or Weight Gain Made Easy

Liquid food for weight loss

Because we make liquid food products, we get a lot of questions about liquid diets. And one of the questions we get frequently is: “Can Plenny Shake help me lose weight?”

We could give a quick and witty answer, but truth is, there are a few things to consider. So we sat down to write a proper response that hopefully gives you the info you need, in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. Because simple and easy is who we are.

Liquid diet shakes for weight loss

One of the key aspects of weight loss is making sure that you consume carbs, fat, protein, and fiber in the right proportions. Too much carbs than your body can use, and your body stores excess energy as fat. Too much protein, and the body won’t be able to absorb it readily, and use it to build muscle (which helps you burn fat).

So how can liquid food substitutes like Plenny Shake help?

  • Plenny Shake contains the recommended daily amount of protein and fiber. Protein and fiber keep you fuller for a longer period of time than carbs.
  • When consuming carbs, you also need protein and fiber along with it to prevent a sudden spike in insulin levels. High insulin levels make you store fat instead of losing it. And that’s definitely something you don’t want when you’re on a weight loss regimen.
  • The calorie count you need for weight loss varies for everyone, depending on your body mass and lifestyle. For example, a couch potato and an athlete will need different amounts of calories per day. Plenny Shake contains 200 kcal per 50 grams, or one scoop. This level of precision makes it easy to control and track your calorie intake per meal, per day, and tailor it to your personal needs. No guesswork needed.

Now, the flip side of the coin. Can a liquid diet help you gain weight?

To help us answer this question, we consulted licensed dietician Dascha Willemsen. The answer: yes! Plenny Shake can definitely help you gain weight if you need to.

Why would weight gain be a good thing?

  • People who are underweight, such as those recovering from an eating disorder, need to gain weight in the easiest, healthiest, most balanced way possible.
  • People who have a hard time chewing—post-surgery, for example, or due to a broken jaw—also need to maintain or gain weight while being unable to chew or digest solid food.
  • Or you might just think you look better with more meat and muscle on your bones.

Extra calories and nutrients with Plenny Shake

Plenny Shake makes it easy to gain weight the healthy way, by giving you a balanced amount of carbs, fat, protein and fiber with a minimum of time and effort. No more spending hours preparing huge quantities of food or sitting through a painfully long meal to get the extra calories you need to bulk up.

Just scoop, shake, and slurp your way to a nutritionally complete, calorie-heavy meal in a matter of minutes. You’ll also stay fuller, longer thanks to the proteins and fibers that help you avoid insulin spikes.

Won’t oatmeal shakes give me the same results?

Not quite. Plain oatmeal shakes are heavy on the carbohydrates in proportion to the protein and fiber your body needs. Going fat- or carb-heavy will also help you gain weight, but you’ll find that most of the mass you’ll gain will be fat. Not to mention, oatmeal by itself isn’t exactly the most exciting flavor.

Have we made it easier for you to understand why Plenny Shake can help you in your weight loss or weight gain quest? We hope so! If not, write to us at so we join you on your weight loss and weight gain journey.

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For this article, we consulted licensed dietician Dascha Willemsen of Dietistpraktijk DDietist in Amsterdam. Thanks Dascha!