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Nutritionally Balanced
Meal Ready In 60 Seconds

24,500 Verified Reviews & 40 million meals sold.

"It keeps me filled and energized. Of course I eat normal food in the afternoon.. but for a breakfast or lunch this can't be beat." - Yarik

"Great choice for a healthy meal and a balanced lifestyle" - Hugo N

"I'm always looking for healthy foods. I also have a very packed agenda during my week-days, so Plenny shake is super handy. It's a delicious meal, easy to prepare, and keeps me nourished for hours.

It's also a great choice for a weight loss diet. I could lose 12kg by combining Jimmy Joy, exercises, intermittent fasting and cutting sugar, and reducing carbs."

Eat healthy during the busiest of days

Healthy - All nutrients your body needs to stay healthy

Affordable - 30 meals for only 1,52 per meal. That's Less than a Coffee!

Convenient - Just add water and shake

Amazing taste - Natural, plant based ingredients

Cut food prep time
& save cash daily 💰

Grab back those lost hours every week - just switch your usual lunch for Plenny Shake. Ditch the dull sandwiches and pricey salads; no more wasted time on meal prep.

In just 60 seconds, Shake up a Plenny Shake that's packed with all the good stuff your body needs, and boom - you've got your day back, fueled and ready to roll!

The best nature and science have to offer 🤝

Plenny Shake is developed by dietitians and nutritionists to provide your body with everything it needs.

Made from whole food ingredients like oats, soy, rice, flaxseed, cold pressed sunflower and probiotics.

Offering a balanced mix of protein, fats, fibre and 26 essential vitamins and minerals. High quality nutrition. Without the nonsense.

Hear It From Our 250,000+ Happy Customers.

(24,500 reviews with 4,5 / 5-star average)

Amazing Nutrition

"For the price and what you get, I don't think it can be beat, and I definitely recommend it."

- Josh

Easy breakfast and lost 20kg

"I have been using Plenny shake for about 2 years now and am very satisfied. I am a huge fan of cooking, but don't care for breakfast. Jimmy Joy makes it able to easily consume a healthy breakfast. Tracking calories with the scoop is easy and with Jimmy Joy, a steady workout regime and enough sleep I've been able to lose almost 20kg in 1.5 years time!"

- R. Flohil

Fantastic Taste

"Without a doubt the best tasting meal replacement I have found and I have tried quite a few. I actually look forward to having this for lunch. I wish I would have found it sooner."

- Leander


Every ingredient in Plenny Shake is carefully selected to give you the energy and nutrients you need to thrive.

Plenny Shake

Complete nutrient profile

Quality ingredients

High protein, Low sugar

Based on scientific research


meal shakes

Lacking essential nutrients

Questionable ingredients

high sugar, low protein

No scientific backing

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Only €0,00 per meal

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