Jimmy Joy vs Huel for meal replacement food

If you don’t care about being overcharged, then please go ahead and buy Huel. If you want a fair price then... you can join hundreds of thousands of happy people that use Plenny Shake. In fact, people give it an average score of 92%, with 15.500+ reviews and counting. 20+ million have been sold to customers in 88 countries around the world.

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Huel saves you time. Plenny Shake saves time AND money.

Plenny Shake is built from the ground up for optimal nutrition. Our meals mix easily so a healthy meal is prepared in minutes. Our customers love our shakes for their health, convenience, texture and flavor from real fruit. Our products are filling and nutritious. Our products provide great value at only 1.19 per meal. All of this is designed to help you eat healthy food without the hassle. Learn about how our customers prefer Plenny Shake over Huel

100% Complete Nutrition Bioavailable and nutritionally balanced ingredients

Plenny Shake meals have 100% of all recommended nutrients that your body needs. But that’s not all. Plenny Shake contains sustainable, natural ingredients with high bioavailability. On top of that, Plenny Shake contains real fruit to give it that awesome taste. We make sure all of that is as tasty as a milkshake whilst being healthier than your average green smoothie!. Discover our ingredients.

Best bang-for-your buck

At Jimmy Joy, we believe in straightforward pricing. Huel may look like a good deal, but when you add up the total cost of nutritional value, Plenny Shakes are more cost-efficient. Opposed to Huel, Jimmy Joy chooses for in-house production, in-house fulfillment, and lower marketing costs. All of this to keep the costs low for you.

100% nutritionally complete. Perfect for when you are short on time.

Compared to "real" foods complete food like Plenny Shake or Huel not only fill you up but also provide you with all the vitamins and minerals. One small Plenny Shake makes for, let’s say, avocado toast and poached eggs of about 400 kcal. However, it takes a fraction of the time to prepare a balanced meal shake while being nutritionally complete.

Great for you. Great for our planet.

Think about how much packaging is wrapped around your groceries every week. Now, think of one recyclable, resealable bag around a week’s (maybe a month’s) worth of food. With a shelf-life of 12 months, minimal packaging, plant-based food and zero food waste it’s about as good as it gets. Learn more about how sustainable our products are. 

But, don’t take it from us.

We have receieved over 15,500 reviews in the past 5 years. Some of them are from past Huel users. This is what they have to say: