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Four years ago our founder Joey van Koningsbruggen wondered what it would be like to create food that had both everything that your body needs but is as simple as drinking a glass of water. He didn’t want to worry about spending tons of money on food he still had to cook. The goal was to eat healthy without having to stress about recipes. With the right formula, they soon got themselves fed but also got traction with their friends and friends of friends.


A vegan meal reduces one third of man-made CO2 emissions and uses up less land and crops. Our Jimmy Joy products are therefore either plant-based or vegetarian.


All our products have a shelf life of 12 months, so you don’t have to worry about expiration dates. Just relax and enjoy while reducing food waste.


Because you’re eating exactly as much as you need, your packaging waste is greatly minimized. Also, our packaging is recyclable. If the planet had lips and arms, it would probably kiss you in gratitude.


We compensate CO2 emissions for all our transport, because we believe in going the extra mile for a sustainable future.