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9 Reasons Why People Love Plenny Shake

Here’s why health conscious people are trying and sticking with this new plant-based meal shake over others...

19/07/23 | Nino Levicar

1. It’s not a diet shake… It’s a
Complete Meal

Plenny Shake can be used as part of a diet plan. But unlike ordinary shakes and protein powders, it's a well-rounded blend of protein, fats, and carbs, with low sugar and high fiber. Perfect for easy meals and for keeping those calories in check!

What other ready-to-go meal has all that?

2. The Ultimate Money-Saver

By handling our own manufacturing in Amsterdam and selling direct to you online, we are able to bring you high-quality ingredients for only €1,52 per meal. Other companies choose to cut ingredient costs, and use expensive external producers and pay retail fees instead.

3. Only the Best Science Has To Offer Goes In

Plenny Shake is a meticulously crafted nutrition product backed by scientific research. It provides optimal daily nutrition with carefully selected ingredients like whole oats, soy, flaxseed, and 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

We continuously improve Plenny Shake based on community feedback and advancements in nutritional science.

4. It's Surprisingly Delicious... For Something This Healthy

You no longer have to choke down those gritty, chalky, grass-tasting health shakes any longer! At Plenny Shake, we believe in using natural ingredients and real fruit to create a healthy product that is not only enjoyable but also delicious.

With a variety of 11 flavors to choose from, every sip of our shakes becomes a delightful and flavorful part of your daily routine.

5. Over 40 Million Meals Sold!

Don't just take our word for it, but listen to the stories of over 250,000 satisfied customers who have left us 23,000+ reviews, giving us an amazing 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

"This shake keeps keeps me full for hours and keeps me on track for sports. It’s easy to use and ready-to-eat in a second"

6. It's Almost Too Easy

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner in seconds! Just add water, 2 scoops of Plenny Shake, mix well and enjoy! Now you’ve got super healthy meals on demand – for anytime you’re too busy to shop, chop, cook and clean your way to a healthy meal.

7. It Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied for any reason their “Love It Guarantee” covers you with a 100% refund – even if the bag is completely empty! Less than 3% of total sales is returned .

Taste is personal, so the only way to know for sure is to give it a try!

8. It Helps You Control your Craving and Calories

Plenny Shake is not formulated as a weight loss or diet product, but it can certainly help to reach your body goals. With precisely 200 calories per scoop, it provides a convenient way to monitor your intake. Additionally, its rich fiber and protein content contribute to a lasting feeling of satiety.

9. It comes with 20% off and a bunch of free goodies

If you order today you get 20% off, a free premium shaker, starter guide, and a branded scoop.

If you made it to #9 you’re obviously serious about living a healthier lifestyle…

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