20 Struggles That Every Vegan Understands

Eating healthy and trying to take your own body into account is a tough job.

But eating healthy and also taking all the animal bodies into account is an even greater challenge.

The animals are very grateful for this sacrifice on your part. On top of that, eating plant-based also means you save 4100 Liter water, 3 m² of forest, 20 kg of grain, and one animal a day. The environment and we at Jimmy Joy appreciate that! So here's a shoutout to everyone who follows a vegan diet. We acknowledge your struggles.

Because the vegan struggles ARE real:


  1. Getting asked all the time where you get your protein. "Yes, people, meat isn’t the only protein source. Welcome to the extraordinary world of plants."

  1. Knowing that the vegan version of cheese has all four of these characteristics: pleasant texture, melts well, great flavor, is affordable.

  1. Having to call your significant other 'agave nectar' instead of 'honey.'

  1. Reading the whole nutrition label and eventually discovering there's 1% milk powder in it.

  1. People assuming you always want to talk about your vegan diet. "Leave me alone and let me chow down my coconut bacon in peace!"

  1. Waking up really early to milk all the almonds. DO YOU KNOW HOW TINY THOSE NIPPLES ARE?!?


  1. Always wondering what you could eat if you would become a vegan zombie. Oh wait, you didn’t? Well now you do, sorry.

  1. When you have to discuss with people you can indeed vary your meals with 80.000+ edible plants.

  1. Feeling guilty when you discover what gelatin is made from.

  1. That feeling when you're hungry, didn't pack food, with no vegan options around, knowing that you won’t get a good meal for hours.

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  1. "WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN?" Again? Yes, again.

  1. Discovering that marshmallows aren't vegan. Frickin marshmallows.

  1. Bringing your own food to a barbeque party... Since you just learned you can’t even eat the marshmallows.

  1. Paying twice as much for your vegan food options.

  1. Realizing that the vegan cheese is already stuck to the roof of your mouth for a week.

  1. When you just ordered drinks at a restaurant and discover that the only vegan option on the menu is a garden salad.

  1. Everybody assumes that vegans won’t like cheesy movies.

  1. Having to explain that being vegan is not the same as being vegetarian.

  1. Dealing with people that say things like: "It's gluten-free so it must be vegan! You can have it." 🤦‍♂️

  1. Reading so many ingredient labels while doing grocery shopping that you could've read the whole Hunger Games trilogy.



Unfortunately, Jimmy Joy can’t take away all your problems but certainly a few. Please help yourself and check our stuff out so we can help you out.

It’s healthy, sustainable, affordable and yes it’s vegan.



Looking for convenient vegan food to cope with these struggles?

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