Beat the heat with Jimmy Joy 😎

What’s cooler than being cool? You know the answer to that question, but unfortunately André 3000 forgot to mention how to actually keep it ‘ice cold’. (Unless he thinks shaking stuff like a polaroid picture is the solution, but with the sweltering summer heat we’d rather not move at all, thank you very much.) So we took it upon ourselves to try, test, investigate, research, and evaluate the best summer tips and discovered how exotic spices and self-induced sweating can help you cool off, what fruits are your best friend during summer, and how to add an ice cold kick to your Plenny Shake. Here’s to making your summer days a bit more bearable and to preventing you from ruining your bike by driving it into a nice, cool lake.


What do the Caribbean, Central and South America, India, Africa, and Southeast Asia all have in common? Their cuisine is spicy enough to make the average adult northern European cry. And this is no coincidence: eating spicy foods raises your body temperature, increases your blood circulation and makes you sweat, after which - once the moisture has evaporated - you’ve cooled off. According to this phenomenon is called ‘gustatory facial sweating’, because - you guessed it - you start sweating from the face. But forget about Fajitas, Ethiopian stews, Indian curries, Thai soups or Jamaican jerk; just add chili or cayenne pepper powder to your Plenny Shake to fire up those internal cooling mechanisms (or your favorite hot sauce, like Tabasco or sambal). And when you do, be sure to stay away from anyone you know, since they probably won’t like you anymore if you start making a pool of face sweat in the break room. Speaking from experience... 



Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Seriously though, have you tried to add ice cubes to your shake? Ice cubes will keep your shake nice and cool, and many of our community members actually feel that Plenny Shake is best served cool. In fact, another favorite tip from our community members is preparing the shake the night before and storing it in the fridge. This way the shake will not only give you a cool kick in the morning (or afternoon), but the overnight chill also makes sure it’s silky smooth. Sorcery!


 And what’s cooler than a cool Plenny Shake? That’s right: an ice cold Plenny Shake. So if that summer sun is beating down on you and you feel like the bottom of a lake is the preferable option, fill your ice cube tray with Plenny Shake to make nutritionally delicious ice cubes! Fill your shaker with just the ice cold Plenny Shake cubes, or add them to your regularly prepared Plenny Shake. They will not only keep your shake nice and chilly, but also function as a kind of refill!

Or better yet: go for a Plenny Shake popsicle. Just fill a couple of those make-them-at-home popsicles with Plenny Shake, and stick them in the freezer for a couple of hours to enjoy an ice cold and nutritious snack. Oh, the wonder of refrigeration!



Fruit is good, at least that’s what our moms always told us. And there are some types of fruit that will actually make summer a bit more bearable, because it’s hot, you’re sweating, and you’ve lost the will to live. But there’s still hope.

Ever tried our Plenny Shake Banana flavor? If you haven’t, you should. If you have, try cutting up a banana and adding it to the mix. Blend it - or don’t, if you prefer chunks in your shake. Bananas are an astringent food, which means they cause your tissue to shrink, allowing for the absorption of more water, and water helps to keep your core cool.  

And what with all that sweating you’re not only stinking up the room with your onion scented armpits, but you’re also losing a lot of electrolytes. Electrolytes (like potassium, sodium, and phosphorus) help nerve cells send signals throughout your nervous system and also help to regulate your blood pressure and blood volume. So yeah, they’re kind of important. Fortunately watermelons are full of electrolytes, so they’re the perfect addition to your Plenny Shake. Try adding some watermelon to a Plenny Shake Strawberry or Plenny Shake Neutral, for example. We loved it! Or at least some of us did. And if that doesn’t float your boat, just try adding watermelon to your water bottle to create all-natural electrolyte water. Because this is the future, you don’t ‘just eat’ things anymore.

home-made fruity electrolyte water in Plenny Shake shaker bottle 

Feeling inspired? Let us know your summer tips so we can steal them and make a new blogpost about it. Thanks.



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