An Interview with the most balanced person we know

Friedrich Kühne is a world record highliner and walks on a rope all over the world. We love that he uses his time to do the stuff he loves the most. We want to be more like Friedrich so time to get to know this Dare Devil. 

Why do you do what you do?

I am driven by an explorer, adventurer spirit. I always want to highline in new, unthinkable places. I like calling it walking through space that nobody's ever walked through, literally one inch away from flying. 

Have you always had a thing for flying/ adventure? Did you use to do risky things like this as a kid as well, and what kind? 

My two favorite activities as a kid were jumping on my trampoline and climbing trees. So I guess you could say yes. And I always liked the feeling of an adrenaline rush. 

I didn’t really put myself into any crazy danger, but I definitely climbed onto roofs, balanced on everything I saw, and later on did flips off things, parkour, cliff diving, and big rope swings. All very thrilling things, but safer than driving a car, if you do it right.

How old were you when you first started high lining? how did you start/ get the idea? 

I stood on my very first slackline, low above the ground in the park, at the age of 19. With 20, I walked my first highline. I got into it through rock climbing, which me and all my friends had been doing a lot at the time. And a little side activity soon became an addiction for me. 

What is your main vision of food? 

My main visions of food are fuel, joy, and relaxation. 

How does Jimmy Joy help you? 

Jimmy Joy helps me by providing the best adventure food I can imagine. When you're climbing a sheer cliff for several hours, or crossing a world record slackline of 2km, you don't want to worry about cutting, cooking or otherwise preparing a meal. All you care about is nutrients, vitamins, and energy that taste delicious and keep you going. Jimmy Joy has all of that!

Which of the Jimmy Joy products do you like most, and why? 

The chocolate Twenny Bar. It fits in one pocket and I can, therefore, take it on big high-lines with me. So if I fall in the middle and need a rest, not only do I have good, dense energy with me, it's also a little treat that will cheer me up and motivate me to keep going.

How does your diet change when you are on the road or just at home? 

I don't have a very strict diet plan overall, I usually just eat what feels good and tastes good. At home, I often cook fresh vegetables, but on the road, I usually take what I can get. Which is why I'm that much more grateful for the Twenny Bars and Plenny Shakes, as they supply me with everything I need and I can take them anywhere with me - even on the Slackline :)

Random question: What is your spirit animal? 


Haha, how come? 

I honestly don't know much about spirit animals. I did a bunch of amateur online tests to find out, but they all had different results: Whale, butterfly, and sparrow. So I chose the butterfly because I liked that the most. 

What are all the places you’ve highlined? 

I can not even guarantee to remember all the countries I have highlined in, let alone all the individual locations. I got more than 400 Highlines under my belt after all. 

Countries include Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Norway, Croatia, Greece, Russia, China, Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil. 


What is the most memorable place you’ve highlined and why? what made that moment special? 

1. Hunlen Falls in British Columbia, Canada, where I did my first Free Solo World Record next to a 400m high waterfall. This was also the most remote slackline location I have ever been to. We had to drive for a day into the Northern BC wilderness and then still take a floatplane for an hour flight to get to the waterfall. There was no civilization anywhere around us, which made it so special. Just Grizzlies and a group of best friends. 

2. Yosemite Valley, California, USA. The most spectacular natural place I have ever seen, and the highest highlines I have ever been on and free soloed. 

3. Valley of the Gods, Utah, USA. Similar to the first two, but a more deserty kind of environment, with huge strange looking orange-red rock pillars, looking like stone gods chilling in the sun.  

Do you ever think about falling and what your last thoughts will be? (sorry if this is a bit morbid) 

I don't ever expect to fall, otherwise, I wouldn't free solo at all. So I don't think about any last thoughts either. Sometimes in a conversation about such, I might briefly see myself fall in front of my closed eyes, like watching a short imaginary movie clip, but then I always instantly realize that that's not going to be my movie.

What do your friends/parents think about your passion? Were they worried at first?

My friends and family generally support me and trust in my decisions, although my mum and my grandma aren't exactly the biggest free solo fans to walk this earth. My dad is secretly a little proud I think, as he also used to be on adventures and climbing things at my age. 

Thanks a lot for your time Friedi , stay balanced.

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